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Emblem Sub Level Logo GLORIAD in Asia: A Workshop To Design and Develop Advanced Science Research Communications Exchange Facilities in Asia
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Organized by U.S. representatives of StarLight and GLORIAD.
Support provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF).
Hosted by University of Hong Kong (HKU) and held at the HKU Graduate House.

January 19-20, 2012

Lambda Grid Workshop Group

Bottom row (left to right): Leena WADIA, Observer Research Foundation Mumbai and International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, India; Maxine BROWN, University of Illinois at Chicago / EVL and StarLight; David CHOI, Chinese University of Hong Kong and JUCC / HARNET; Jiangning CHEN, Chinese Academy of Science, Computer Network Information Center / CSTNET. Second row (left to right): Philip HO, HKU-HARNET; Lilian CHAN, HKU-PRAGMA; P.T. HO, HKU; SeungHae KIM, KISTI; Buseung CHO, KISTI. Third row (left to right): Francis LEE, Singapore Advanced Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network (SingAREN); Ba Hung TA, National Agency for Scientific and Technological Information (NASATI) and Vietnam Research and Education Network (VinaREN); Ronald Leung, HKU; Joe MAMBRETTI, Northwestern University / iCAIR and StarLight; Greg COLE, University of Tennessee / CINI and GLORIAD; Wing Keung KWAN, HKU-China National Grid.

GLORIAD-Workshop-AGENDA-18Jan2012.pdf (106 KB)


Science Drivers for Next Generation Open Communication Exchanges
Joe Mambretti
MAMBRETTI-GLORIAD-ScienceDrivers-011912.pdf (12MB)

Extended Community Drivers
Maxine Brown
BROWN-GLORIAD-Applications-011912.pptx (200MB)

Advanced Communication Exchange Facilities Services, Architecture, and Design, Emerging Models of Future Exchanges
Joe Mambretti
MAMBRETTI-GLORIAD-Emerging Models-011912.pdf (8MB)

Advanced Communication Exchange Facilities, Operations, Economics, Overview of Selected Exchanges
Joe Mambretti
MAMBRETTI-GLORIAD-OverviewSelectedExchanges-011912.pdf (5.6MB)

Update on GLORIAD Advanced Networking Initiatives
Greg Cole
COLE-GLORIAD-GLORIADUpdate-011912.pdf (57MB)

Update on KREONet2 / KRLight
Buseung Cho, SeungHae Kim, KISTI
CHO-GLORIAD-KREONet2-011912.pptx (16.4MB)

Update on GLORIAD Cairo Communications Exchange
Majid AlSadek: Presented by Joe Mambretti and Greg Cole
ALSEDEK-GLORIAD-Egypt-011912.ppt (780KB)

Update on CNIC, CSTnet and HKEOP
Jiangning Chen
CHENandDAI-CNIC-CSTnet-HKOEP-012012.ppt (9.6MB)

Update on SingAREN/SingLight
Francis Lee, SingAREN
LEE-GLORIAD-SingLIght-011912.pptx (3.6MB)

Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) and GLIF Open Lambda Exchanges (GOLEs)
Maxine Brown, Joe Mambretti
BROWN-HongKong-GLIF-011712.pptx (10.4MB)

Plans for an Advanced Communication Exchange Facility in Bangalore
Leena Wadia
WADIA-GLORIAD-BIxLight-012012.pptx (672KB)

Overview of HARNET, R&E Networks in Hong Kong
David Choi
CHOI-GLORIAD-HARNET-012012.pptx (4.3MB)

Overview of Hong Kong Next Generation Internet Society and Initiatives
P.T. Ho (on behalf of Nam Ng)
NG-HongKong-HKNGIS-011712.ppt (3.7MB)

Update on Plans for International VinaREN Connections
Ba Hung Ta
TA-GLORIAD-VinaRENGloriad-012012.ppt (4.5MB)