Advanced North Atlantic 100 Gbit/s Ring for Research & Education Now Operational

November 17, 2014

Internet2, NORDUnet, CANARIE and SURFnet, four advanced Research and Education (R&E) Networks from both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean, today announced the completion of a collaborative advanced network, called ANA-200G, that spans the North Atlantic, enabling R&E users to transfer data between North America and Europe at speeds that were previously only possible within the continents.

ANA-200G is a redundant 100 Gbit/s ring between four open exchange points spanning the North Atlantic. The ring nature of ANA-200G without single points of failure protects against an outage in the unprotected individual 100 Gbit/s transmission paths. ANA-200G builds on the success and the lessons learned in the pilot phase that started in June 2013 and ended last month, and was called ANA-100G.

This milestone opens up a new era for today’s most advanced research, enabling scientists to take advantage of the ongoing wave of data being constantly created by sensor networks, research instruments, and people.

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