Marenostrum Numerical Cosmology Project

An interdisciplinary group composed of astrophysicists from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, the Astrophysical Institute Potsdam in Germany and partners from Israel, the US, Russia and Greece have joined forces to try to realistically reproduce the starting conditions that originated the observable galaxies, including the one in which we live, the Milky Way.

The Marenostrum Universe is a 2-billion particle adiabatic SPH simulation in a 500 Mpc/h box size. The code was run on the Marenostrum Supercomputer located in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center on 512 processor during 447 hours, equivalent to more than 29 years on serial run. The total output data occupies 8.6 Tbytes distributed in 135 evenly spaced snapshots of 64 Gbytes each.

The Marenostrum Galaxy Formation Simulation is a 2-billion particle SPH simulation in a 50 Mpc/h size box. Radiative cooling, star formation, feedback and metallicity enrichment have been included to investigate the formation and properties of galaxies at high redshift. This simulation also runs on the Marenostrum Supercomputer at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center using 800 processors simultaneously. The total CPU time spent to evolve the simulation from z=60 until z=5.7 was more than 126 years (5 million seconds of wall clock time), which gives an idea of the complexity of this simulation as compared with the adiabatic gas dynamical runs.



Astrophysical Institute Potsdam
Jacobs University Bremen

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Barcelona Supercomputing Center

University of Chicago
New Mexico State University

Hebrew University of Jerusalem