Data Reservoir 2007

At the Spring 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting, the Data Reservoir project won two consecutive new Land Speed Records in the IPv6 single and multi-stream categories.

For the first set of IPv6 records, the project created a network path over 30,000 kilometers in distance, crossing six international networks. The team successfully transferred data in the single and multi-stream categories at a rate of 7.67Gbps, which is equal to 230,100 terabit-meters per second (Tb-mps).

This record-setting attempt leveraged standard TCP to achieve the new mark. The next day, the team used a modified version of TCP to surpass the record set the day before. Using the same 30,000 km path, the network achieved a throughput of 9.08Gbps, which is equal to 272,400 Tb-mps for both the IPv6 multi- and single-stream categories. The team surpassed the current IPv4 records, proving that IPv6 networks can provide the same, if not better, performance as IPv4. These performance studies were conducted between Christmas and New Year’s Day in December 2006.

The IRNC TransLight/StarLight link would have been used, but the project team wanted a fully dedicated network during the test period, which TransLight/StarLight could not provide, so SURFnet links were used instead.


Collaborators – 2006-2007 Land Speed Record participants:

University of Tokyo
Fujitsu Computer Technologies
NTT Communications
Japan Chelsio Communications

Major support provided by StarLight and Pacific Northwest GigaPoP, IEEAF (USA); CANARIE (Canada); SURFnet, SARA and University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)