GridJam: A Networked 3D Immersive Performance

GridJam is an art and research project to study real-time, interactive, low-latency, partly improvised, 3D visualized musical performances. The Virtual Color Organ (VCO) is a 3D immersive environment in which music is visually realized in colored and image-textured shapes as it is being played.
The VCO visually illustrates information in a musical score, the composer's instructions to the musicians and the musicians' contributions to the score as they improvise in response to one another and to the immersive visual experiences. The VCO displays the emergent properties within the meaning of music, both as information and as art.



University of Alberta

Waag Society
V2, Institute for the Unstable Media

Fine Arts Department, ARTSLab and Center for High Performance Computing, University of New Mexico
Mills College
University of California San Diego, Calit2