EnLIGHTened Computing

At the GLIF 2006 meeting in Tokyo, Japan (September 11, 2006), researchers in the US and Japan demonstrated “automated” interoperability between network and computing resources on two national grid computing research testbeds: the G-lambda project in Japan, and the Enlightened Computing project in the US. More specifically, a software application in a research testbed in one country was able to reserve, manage and monitor computing and network resources across both countries − a key milestone toward developing a Global Grid of networked, interoperable resources.
Researchers working with the G-lambda group in Japan and the Enlightened Computing group in the US demonstrated how software applications can establish network connections “on demand” to computing resources, databases of information and scientific instruments. The duration of these connections is based on the particular application’s requirement for precisely the amount of time that is needed, and no more. Whether seconds or days, the network and resources are connected and managed to perform a task. Then, the connection is released in order to share resources for other purposes. This demonstration was also done at SC’06.




North Carolina State University
Renaissance Computing Institute at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Louisiana State University
Southeastern Universities Research Association
Naval Research Laboratory
National LambdaRail

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
KDDI R&D Laboratories
NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
National Institute of Information and Communications Technologies (NICT)

Corporate sponsors:
AT&T Labs - Research
Calient Networks

Computing resources were donated by the North Carolina State University Virtual Computing Laboratory and MCNC, Center for Computation & Technology at Louisiana State University, California Institute of Technology, and StarLight.