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The Science, Technology, And Research Transit Access Point, or STAR TAP, is a persistent infrastructure funded by the National Science Foundation (awards ANI-9712283 and ANI-9980480) to facilitate the long-term interconnection and interoperability of advanced international networking.

Managed by the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Math and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory and Ameritech Advanced Data Services, STAR TAP exists in support of applications, performance measuring and technology evaluations.

STAR TAP connects with the Ameritech Network Access Point (NAP) in Chicago, and enables network traffic to flow to international collaborators from over 150 U.S. leading-edge research universities and institutions, including supercomputing centers.

Points of Contact
Key administrative and technical personnel of STAR TAP, and partner National Research and Education Networks

HPIIS Partners
U.S. institutions receiving NSF funding in support of High Performance International Internet Services

Research Partners
Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago; Argonne National Laboratory; California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Cal-(IT)2); International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR), Northwestern University; Internet2; PRAGMA; 6TAP

Presentation materials, minutes and documentation from various STAR TAP meeting

International Advisory Committee
Oversight committee of leaders from STAR TAP networks

Corporate Partners
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