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DataSpace is an open standards-based infrastructure for working with data over the web that supports:
  • Remote data access, analysis and mining
  • Distributed data analysis and mining
  • Event-driven, profile-based real time scoring

The Terra Mining Testbed (TMTB) is an infrastructure built on top of DataSpace for the remote analysis, mining and real-time interaction of scientific, engineering, business and other complex data. Terra mining applications are designed to exploit the capabilities provided by emerging domestic and international high performance networks so that Gigabyte and Terabyte data sets can be remotely explored in real time. The TMTB uses high-performance clusters linked by wide-area high-performance networks to provide the data and computer services required.

Exploring, analyzing and mining large amounts of remote and distributed data require high-performance networks. Moving a Terabyte on an OC-3 takes about 24 hours. Interactive exploration and mining of datasets of these sizes require optical networks.

Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands; University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Robert Grossman
Laboratory for Advanced Computing
University of Illinois at Chicago